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=> Projekt Time Series Analysis I.

=> Projekt Time Series Analysis II.

[In the project TSA I. the connection string changes because sometimes the source changes the content.
Therefore it is necessary to change the connection string in config.ini every few months. Please use
the newest one. Please, have a look: +-1% difference between new value and prediction value = 92,5%;
+-2% difference between new value and prediction value = 98,5%. Only with ObjPas. Interesting model!]

"" isn't the right source, because of their permanent changes.
I try the source " " with
the key

to collect the stock development. Continuity of access / data providing is elementary.



Such=Aktueller Kurs:

[For the project Fibonacci-DLL I update the source when I regognize the content change. Last Update: 2022/08/28.
I reduced the project only to the english version, so that you can use and test it in your productive environment.]


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